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Recent news:

  • New option on the Blender V4: Toggle switches to engage a high pass filter on the returns on some of the effects loops to roll off the low end on effects pedals that don't keep it tight. Probably of special interest to bass players. You can then use channel A as a clean channel and keep the low end intact there and even roll off the highs on the clean to form a quasi crossover.

  • The BASS701 is a compact but powerful bass amp with 6 bands of overdrive for massive flexibility to shape your tone and 700 watts of power to deliver that tone. A great blog and video demo by The Bunn.

  • The Battering Ram Q, a Battering Ram with a four band parametric EQ in front of it. You can choose to just have EQ, or EQ going into the overdrive, or EQ going into the fuzz, or EQ going into overdrive and fuzz in parallel.

  • The Echo Drive is a delay / reverb pedal with overdrive on the delay signal only. Check out a review and video demo at Pedal Of The Day.

Wounded Paw Effects are shipped worldwide through this site and also available in the US from The Guitar Dog, in the UK from Joe's Pedals, and in Australia from Tone Pro Shop AU.

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