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9V battery included

Silent switch true bypass

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The Blender V2 is an effects loop blender with a fully buffered effects loop where either the effects loop or the clean channel can be individually muted. The instrument signal is split into 2 channels, sent to the effects channel and the clean channel with it's tone controls, and then mixed back together via separate volume controls for each channel. The clean channel or the effects channel may be switched on or off apart from the main bypass via the second stomp switch.
The clean channel has a Baxandall type tone section offering cut and boost to bass and treble. With controls at noon the tone response is completely flat.
The Phase switch on the effects loop to handles effects pedals that return a signal out of phase with the send.
The Tails toggle switch allows the return of the effects loop to stay on after the effects loop send has been switched off to allow delay trails to continue.

  • True bypass stomp switch to turn the entire unit on/off.
  • Heavy duty 'BB' size, 4.7" x 3.7" Hammond aluminum enclosure
  • Uses standard 9-12V DC adaptor like Boss PSA, Godlyke Powerall, Onespot, with a center negative jack or a single 9V battery.
  • Current draw: 25mA
  • Input impedance: 440kΩ
  • Output impedance: <100Ω (at 1KHz)

User Manual

The Silent Switch True Bypass replaces the main bypass stomp switch with a silent soft-touch momentary switch and true bypass relay switching. This option takes up the space for the 9V battery so it must be run on a DC adaptor only.

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