Dual Effects Loop Blender - Expression Pedal Shell

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9V battery included

Silent switch true bypass

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Blend between two effects loop using the foot treadle of an expression pedal shell. Toe position is effects loop A and heel position is effects loop B, in the middle of the foot treadle's travel is 50% effects loop A / 50% effects loop B. Either effects loop will default to a clean channel if nothing is plugged into it to allow for blending one effects loop with clean for a wet/dry blender.
Phase reversal switch on effect loop A to allow for matching the phase of different effects pedals' outputs.
The true bypass switch is activated by pushing down at the toe down position.
On the sides there is a knob for the output volume of the blended signal
Use a standard 9V adapter with tip negative jack or a single 9V battery.

The Dual Effects Loop Blender is 10" long x 4" wide but the jacks are on both sides, effects sends and returns on the left and in, out, and DC power on the right.

The Silent Switch True Bypass replaces the main bypass stomp switch with a silent soft-touch momentary switch and true bypass relay switching.

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