Dual Effects Loop Blender - Expression Pedal Shell

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9V battery included

Silent switch relay - no battery possible

Silent switch true bypass relay

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Blend between two effects loop using the foot treadle of an expression pedal shell. Toe position is effects loop A and heel position is effects loop B, in the middle of the foot treadle's travel is 50% effects loop A / 50% effects loop B. Either effects loop will default to a clean channel if nothing is plugged into it to allow for blending one effects loop with clean for a wet/dry blender.
Phase reversal switch on effect loop A to allow for matching the phase of different effects pedals' outputs.
The true bypass switch is activated by pushing down at the toe down position.
On the sides there is a knob for the output volume of the blended signal
Use a standard 9V adapter with tip negative jack or a single 9V battery.

The Dual Effects Loop Blender is 10" long x 4" wide but the jacks are on both sides, effects sends and returns on the left and in, out and DC power on the right.

NOTE: The pedal shells will take about a week after placing your order to get in stock so expect a turn around time of about 2 weeks.

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