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Bass701 Bass Amplifier


The BASS701 is a compact but powerful bass amp with a TON of overdrive on tap and massive flexibility to shape your tone. The pre-amp features a 6 band overdrive section that allows you to carefully tailor the gain. The power amp has 700 watts of power to deliver that tone. A great blog page and video demo of the amp is now up at The Bunn.

And also by the The Bunn, an Audio Demo.

Here's another Video Demo.

Video demo by Tim Starace

Video demo with Tim Starace playing a Ricky

And another Video demo with Tim Starace

6 Band Overdrive: In the overdrive section the instrument signal input level is set by the Pre Gain control and then split into 6 frequency bands covering the entire audio spectrum. Each band goes through a separate overdrive channel with individual Drive and Level controls. Then all the overdrive channels are summed back together into one signal. It's important to note that the overdrive channels are divided by frequency on the input signal and the overdrive on each channel will be applied mostly to that particular frequency band. The harmonics generated on each overdrive channel will go beyond that frequency band and are retained as an integral part of the output tone.

Effects Loop: The effects loop can be set to come before or after the entire overdrive section for more flexibility. The level of signal sent to the effects loop can also be adjusted.

Select Footswitch: Select between Overdrive and Clean with either the included footswitch or the Select toggle switch on the front panel.

700 Watt Power Amp: The class D power amp section can deliver 700 watts of power into a 4 ohm speaker load.

Balanced Line Outputs: A separate level control sets the output volume to the balanced XLR and balanced/unbalanced 1/4” jacks to connect to mixing consoles or other amplifiers.

Universal Mains: Can accept 100 to 240 Volts AC, 50 to 60 Hz.

Compact Size: 12” wide x 3” tall x 9” deep. Less than 10 pounds.

Larger Image of the new version with optional silver knobs.

Larger Image, front and back

Owner's Manual

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