Para D Resonator Wah


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The Para D's wah circuit is based on the legendary and rare Tycobrahe Parapedal Wah used by Black Sabbath and others in the 70's. It has a hard to describe synth or phaser like sound with a huge sweep to the filter peak practically through the entire audible frequency range. At the heel end of the travel the tone goes subsonic causing the audible volume to dive.
The Para D features a unique Depth Charge konb to adjust the low end of the filter's travel so you can go completely subsonic at the heel end of the travel or adjust it way up to make a tamer, more wah-like sweep.
The Para D also incorporates a new pre-amp and a post filter soft clipping section to add a little grit.
The Para D will work equally well for guitar or bass with proper use of the Depth Charge knob.
  • Master Volume control
  • Depth Charge sweep adjustment control
  • Cry-Baby style wah enclosure
  • Requires 9V DC adaptor with 100mA current

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