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The Echo Drive is a delay / reverb pedal with overdrive on the delay signal only. With the Gain up every repeat will get more distorted and quickly devolve into drone sounds and other fun stuff. Lower Gain settings give a bit of dirt to the delay and the Treble can roll off a lot of high end for a very dark sounding delay. Very short Delay times give a reverb type sound especially with the Repeats control all the way down as well.
True bypass stomp switch to turn the pedal on or off.
GAIN – Amount of gain for the delay signal from clean to full on distortion. Every time the original sound goes through the delay it also goes through the overdrive stage so each successive repeat is more distorted. This can rapidly to to full on distorted drone noises with the Gain turned up. The Gain also affects how much signal is sent to the Repeats and the output Level.
REPEATS – The amount of times the delay repeats from one to infinity. This control is very interactive with the Gain because more Gain will send more signal to the Repeats causing the number of repeats to increase. Use the Gain and Repeats together to control how long the signal is repeated for.
DELAY – Amount of high end in the overdrive sound. With more drive comes more higher harmonics which may require some taming by turning down the HI.
TREBLE – This rolls off the treble of the delay signal. The Gain on the delay signal adds harmonics and treble which may need taming with this Treble control. All the way down gives a dark flavour to the delay.
LEVEL – Volume of the delay signal only, to be mixed with the clean instrument signal.
VOLUME – Output volume for the entire pedal, delay and clean signal together.
9V DC JACK – The Echo Drive can be powered by a 9V battery or by a standard 9V power adaptor, such as the Boss PSA. The jack must have a center negative connection.

Review and video demo of the Echo Drive by Pedal Of The Day

Video Demo of the Echo Drive on guitar by Mr Excane

User Manual

Current draw is measured at less than 35mA

The Silent Switch True Bypass replaces the main bypass stomp switch with a silent soft-touch momentary switch and true bypass relay switching. This option takes up the space for the 9V battery so it must be run on a DC adaptor only.

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