Battering Ram V2.1


I've had the Battering ram v1 ( the one without the split switch) for 6-7 years now. I absolutely love this pedal, whether I'm using the O.D. Or fuzz ( which I set up the O.D. To be the foundation for the fuzz) it nails the face melting fuzz sound with no low end loss, and no Inaudible muddyness that a lot of bass players have in there fuzz. I'm a tone chaser and this effect combined with my Xotics xblender is a monster that nobody can come close to. It's a perminant part of my board ( which has effects coming and going more often then I'd like to admit, In the better part of the decade I've never had 1 issue with it.
I spent months searching for the right fuzz listening and trying tons of other fuzz's and thanks to Graygrx at bassfuzz I was
Lucky enough to stumble across this amazing product would recommend to any body wanting to destroy the crowd with Fuzz or even just a slight grit boost to turn those solos into a masterpiece. Keep up all the amazing work guys and would love to see a vibrato pedal added to the line up
Phillip A.K.A. Flipbass
Date Added: 01/18/2015 by Phillip Perkins
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