P90 Phaser


I currently own and have used all of the so called best phasers sold. When I heard this phaser I was stopped in my tracks and went to check it out. I had never heard of wounded paw before. I bought off ebay the phaser the next day. I have been amazed with this pedal. I usually have on my phaser or tremolo at all times. It can easily be just heard or one can get a wacky phaser sound with little effects. This phaser has many sounds and is one great pedal. I believe you can get every sound you could possibly want from any phaser. It's has been on my board for several months and I get paid to play so that sound say something. Buy this phaser it works with all 13 different guitars I use and every amp I use.
That is the most anyone can say for any pedal...
P.S. Many of my playing comrades love this pedal.

Date Added: 03/17/2014 by Scott Johnson
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