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(image for) Hellhound Guitar Distortion
Hellhound Guitar Distortion
High gain guitar distortion with two separate drive stages and a powerful EQ in the middle. The first stage is a muff style 3 transistor overdrive followed by the EQ with plenty of boost or cut to a sweepable Mid band and a Bass band. Next up is an...

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(image for) Bighorn Overdrive
Bighorn Overdrive
The Bighorn Overdrive will add some horns to your guitar or bass, from clean boost, through smooth overdrive tones to full-on growling distortion. The Drive has a huge range, from clean to an almost fuzzz distortion which can then be tamed with the...

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(image for) Black Wolf Guitar Distortion
Black Wolf Guitar Distortion
High gain chainsaw ripping guitar distortion inspired by the HM-2. The distortion section with two clipping stages has a wide range of gain set by the DRIVE control. The LO eq has boost or cut with a centre frequency variable from 100Hz to 700Hz...

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(image for) Battering Ram V2.1
Battering Ram V2.1
The Battering Ram is an Overdrive + Fuzz pedal which works equally well for guitar or bass or anything else you want to plug into it. Overdrive + Fuzz means that the overdrive and fuzz channels can work in parallel, each channel receiving the...

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(image for) Battering Ram V2.6
Battering Ram V2.6
The same circuitry as Battering Ram V2.1 but with the toggle for the octave up on the fuzz replaced by a footswitch. The Battering Ram is an Overdrive + Fuzz pedal which works equally well for guitar or bass or anything else you want to plug into...

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(image for) Para D Resonator Wah
Para D Resonator Wah
The Para D's wah circuit is based on the legendary and rare Tycobrahe Parapedal Wah used by Black Sabbath and others in the 70's. It has a hard to describe synth or phaser like sound with a huge sweep to the filter peak practically through the...

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(image for) Battering Ram Q2
Battering Ram Q2
The Battering Ram Q2 is basically a Battering Ram V2.6 but with a 3 band parametric EQ in front of it. You can choose to just have EQ, or EQ going into the overdrive, or EQ going into the fuzz, or EQ going into overdrive and fuzz in parallel. The...

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(image for) Echo Drive
Echo Drive
The Echo Drive is a delay / reverb pedal with overdrive on the delay signal only. With the Gain up every repeat will get more distorted and quickly devolve into drone sounds and other fun stuff. Lower Gain settings give a bit of dirt to the delay...

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(image for) P90 Phaser
P90 Phaser
Modeled on the MXR Phase 90 with Depth and Feedback controls added. Full range so can be used for guitar or bass. The blue LED flashes in time with the Rate control. Youtube demo by Tonefactor YouTube demo posted by a customer Heavy duty 'B' size...

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(image for) Echo Delay/Reverb
Echo Delay/Reverb
Analog sounding delay that can go from short reverb sounds to long delays. Full frequency range for bass or guitar. Heavy duty 'B' size, 2.3" x 4.4" Hammond aluminum enclosure True Bypass Bright Blue LED 30mA current draw Use a standard 9V adapter...

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(image for) EQ + Boost
EQ + Boost
Offers 20dB of clean boost with tone controls. The boost is clean but adding 20dB can overdrive the input to amplifliers or other devices in the signal chain to get pleasing results. The Baxandall type tone section offers boost or cut to treble and...

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(image for) Super Fuzzz
Super Fuzzz
Based on the 60's Univox Super-Fuzz for searing octave up fuzz tones. Instead of a tone switch there is a tone knob which dials in the amount of mid-cut. Heavy duty 'BB' size, 3.7" x 4.7", Hammond aluminum enclosure True Bypass Uses standard 9v...

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