Effects Loop Blenders and Mixers

(image for) Blender V1
Blender V1
Blend your clean instrument signal with an effects loop using the Blend knob. Master Volume control with a small amount of volume boost available to even out differences between blended and bypassed signals. Phase switch on the the return of the...

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(image for) Blender 2EQ
Blender 2EQ
The Blender 2EQ features a clean channel and an effects loop channel, each with their own EQ controls and volume. It can, for example, be used as a crossover to keep lower frequencies clean and only have effects on higher frequencies or just to dial...

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(image for) Blender V2
Blender V2
The Blender V2 is an effects loop blender with a fully buffered effects loop where either the effects loop or the clean channel can be individually muted. The instrument signal is split into 2 channels, sent to the effects channel and the clean...

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(image for) Blender V3
Blender V3
The Blender V3 is a parallel effects loop blender with 3 individually selectable effects loops. The instrument signal is split into 3 channels, sent to the 3 effects loops and then mixed back together. Effects Loop A defaults to a clean channel if...

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(image for) Blender V4
Blender V4
Mix 4 different effects or clean signal together in high fidelity and turn them on and off individually. The Blender V4 has 4 parallel effects loops channels with individual stomp switches to select any combination of channels. And each channel has...

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(image for) Silent Switch Mixer - 4 Channels
Silent Switch Mixer - 4 Channels
A 4 channel analog mono instrument/line mixer with silent switches. This uses soft touch momentary foot switches and audio relays to turn the individual inputs on or off with perfect audio fidelity and no click. The mixer also features bipolar power...

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(image for) Dual Effects Loop Blender - Expression Pedal Shell
Dual Effects Loop Blender - Expression Pedal Shell
Blend between two effects loop using the foot treadle of an expression pedal shell. Toe position is effects loop A and heel position is effects loop B, in the middle of the foot treadle's travel is 50% effects loop A / 50% effects loop B. Either...

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(image for) Effects Loop Blender in Expression Pedal
Effects Loop Blender in Expression Pedal
Blend your effects with the clean instrument signal using a wah type foot treadle to control the blend. Same circuitry as the Blender V1 but in an expression pedal shell. The foot treadle controls the blend in that 50/50 effects/clean is right in...

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(image for) Mini Mixer - 4 Channels
Mini Mixer - 4 Channels
A 4 channel mixer in pedal format. Every channel is fully buffered to eliminate any interaction (tone or volume loss) between inputs. The output has a slight boost so that quieter instruments can be leveled with louder ones without any loss of...

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(image for) Splitter - 4 Channels
Splitter - 4 Channels
Split your instrument signal into up to 4 outputs for tuners, separate amplifiers or different effects chains. Every output is fully buffered to eliminate any interaction (tone or volume loss) between the channels. Heavy duty 'BB' size, 4.7" x 3.7"...

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(image for) Mic Mute Stomp Switch
Mic Mute Stomp Switch
Popless mic on/off footswitch. Turn a microphone on or off instantly without any pops like when simply unplugging the cable. Works with dynamic and condenser microphones. Red LED indicator shows when the mic is muted and is the only thing powered by...

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