Siege Engine Bass Amplifier

Lay siege to your enemies with the successor to the Bass 701 amp. The Siege Engine is a compact but powerful bass weapon with a TON of overdrive on tap and massive flexibility to shape your tone. The pre amp features a 6 band overdrive and eq section that allows you to carefully tailor the gain and tone. The power amp has 700 watts of power to deliver that tone.

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JFET input stage to capture your tone perfectly with an input pad option for active basses.
Pre Gain: After the input is a variable gain stage which can be pushed hard or kept clean. This is also an easy way to alter the total amount of signal going into the overdrives across all the frequency bands.

In the overdrive section the instrument signal is split into 6 frequency bands covering the entire audio spectrum. The Deep band with level control keeps the lowest frequencies tight and clear. The Bass, Lo Mid, Mid, Hi Mid and Treble bands go through their own individual jfet overdrive stages and level controls to sculpt the gain and tone to your own attack plan. Then all the bands are summed back together into one signal with a Hi Cut control to tame the high end, and an overall volume control. It's important to note that the overdrive channels are divided by frequency on the input signal and the overdrive on each channel will be applied mostly to that particular frequency band. The harmonics generated on each overdrive channel will naturally go beyond that frequency band and are retained as an integral part of the output tone. The Hi Cut control can tame any fizziness this might generate.
And the whole overdrive section can be turned on or off via the front panel or the foot switch.

Effects Loop: The effects loop comes after the overdrive section and can be turned on or off via the front panel or the foot switch.

Footswitch: Select Overdrive and/or Effects Loop with either the included footswitch or the rotary switch on the front panel.

Master: The master section has volume, bass and treble controls for the Siege Engine's output.

700 Watt Power Amp: The class D power amp section can deliver 700 watts of power into a 4 ohm speaker load. The minimum load is 2.5 ohms.

Headphone output: The headphone output has it's own volume and a 1/8" line in jack to allow for an aux input such as an ipod or smart phone to be sent to the headphones along with the bass signal.

Balanced Line Outputs: Balanced XLR out and unbalanced 1/4” jack to connect to mixing consoles or other amplifiers.

Universal Mains: Can accept 100 to 240 Volts AC, 50 to 60 Hz.

Compact Size: 11” wide x 3” tall x 8” deep. Less than 10 pounds.

Comes with hard shell carrying case: 19" x 15" x 5"

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