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The ANTICS - 'Here We Go Again...' CD

New full length CD from the infamous Antics.
Released August 20, 2005

Loose Nut Louie

Nerve Magazine, December 2005


In the earlier months of 2003, 3 smelly punks rose from a lump of dried semen which was crusted to the toilet seat in a washroom of the Toronto shithole Q-Bar, to become... The Antics!

Protested by whiney PC weiners in their own city, the trio spread their rampage of sex-fused street punk to other realms of the globe. There they were able to find more whiney PC weiners who would protest their shinnanigans... Luckily for them, for every poop-pirating hippy, there were 2 or 3 drunk assholes looking for trouble... It would be with these hosts that this infection could spread.

With guitar riffs stolen from bands before them, and lyrics copied off bathroom-stall poetry, these 3 creepy bastards wander the globe in the never-ending quest for more beer and sex... Now armed with an army of drunk punks and underage girls, they are capable of inflicting more harm than ever.

Watch your beer, watch your girlfriends, watch your daughters, watch your assholes... Here are... The Antics!