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Buy The Murdersquad t.o. / Darkmill split CD online

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Released June 3rd, 2011 after being in the works for more than a year. A split between Toronto's Murdersquad and the awesome grind band Darkmill from Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Buy The Murdersquad t.o. / Hulluus - 'Rising Crust' CD online

Buy it online

The MURDERSQUAD t.o. / HULLUUS - 'Rising Crust' CD

Canada and the United States will square off when two of North America’s best underground crustcore bands meet head on with the release of Rising Crust, the split CD from Toronto’s Murdersquad t.o and Wisconsin’s Hulluus. Both bands have set their amps on destroy for what will undoubtedly be one of the most punishing releases of 2005.

Carrying on in the tradition of the infamous Despite, Hülluus is downtuned political d-beat crustcore. Hailing from Pleasant Prairie, Disconsin, Hülluus is itself an international effort between Canada and U$A with Rayny and John, ex-members of the Posers from Windsor, Ontario, and Marvin and Bob DK, ex-members of Despite, Urbn DK, Eracism, present members of People Again (Milwaukee) and Self Destruckt (Kenosha).

Released December 10, 2005

The Murdersquad t.o. - 'Relationship of Bacteria'
Hulluus - 'Hour Of Wolves'

The Murdersquad t.o.
1. Another Day In Hell
2. Relationship Of Bacteria
3. More Blood Will Flow
4. Destructive Not Productive
5. Here Today (Nausea)
6. Hour Of Wolves
7. Bombraid
8. Condemned
9. Black Tomorrow


Slug and Lettuce #86, Winter 2006
The Murder Squad t.o. are from Toronto, but Mike from Abalienation plays in this band, or should I say growls. They've also got some Ulcer and Spazmz members, and I recognize the Spazmz vocals which are a gnarly high pitch to counter balance the other deep throated growling voice. Musically this is heavy and pummeling, with a deep throbbing bass sound. And I mean really really heavy. The vocals are really extreme and the trade off style is really a good mix. Fucking crust man. They do a cover of Nausea's "Here Today", which is rad. Hulluus are from Wisconsin, and features Bob DK and other dis-consin band members. Keeping the dbeats and dis going strong and heavy, they play with a good drop tuned heavy tonation, deep gruff vocals, and a throttled frantic pace that is tight. Good shit all around.

Equalizing Distort, March 2006
Here is the latest recording by MURDERSQUAD T.O. The band features Mike Abalienation and Preston Sims of Wounded Paw Records. Mike was originally from Binghamton but he migrated to Toronto and met up with Preston and at first the band wanted to do a tribute to D.O.A. The name Murdersquad is taken from the name of Joey Shithead’s hockey team – a fitting tribute. Anyway, I guess the novelty wore off and the band started playing the music that they wanted to play, which was crust – a good stenchy kind that folks from Montreal and Portland can appreciate. The band is inspired by bands like DOOM and NAPALM DEATH and the original UK crust scene over today’s crust phenomena. On this recording the band is joined by Karen of the SPAZMZ, but she doesn’t sound like she’s singing SPAZMZ material. She does sound like Amy from NAUSEA. Interestingly enough the band does a coverof NAUSEA with Karen, but the song they cover is a rare song only found on a hard to find comp called “More Songs About Plants and Trees” released by Allied back in 1991. HULLUUS are from Disconsin and feature members from DESPITE and URBAN DK. HULLUUS go for more of a Swedish crust sound. I’m not saying that because of the scandi sounding name, but that would be a clue. They remind me in sound of Legion666 who are influenced by bands like WOLFBRIGADE, TOTALITAR, MARTYRDOD, RAJOITUS, UUTUUS, SKIT SYSTEM, VICTIMS for influences. A good stenchy pairing for this split and it is exciting to hear new material from MURDERSQUAD for us Canucks.

This CD is amazing. I can still remember the first time I saw Murdersquad (I refuse to call them by their extended, new name). I was about 15 and it was at the Kathedral and I’m pretty sure I got a boner or my period or something… whatever it is that makes you realise that you’re not really a kid anymore and that adulthood is gonna be one heck of a ride. Since then, they’ve been pretty much one of my favourite bands ever to come out of Toronto, right up there with Dirty Bird, Skaface, Spinecracker, Tit Fuck Me Jesus and Fox The Boombox. Simply the best. I like how they’re light hearted too, with not only the CD name but with the South Park and Mr. Show clips. It really rounds out an already incredible metal/crust CD quite nicely. It’s also important to note that Hullus really hold their own as well on this CD. – Spencer Butt
File Next To: “Thank you for giving me this CD Ryan, I love you", Abelienation, Pig Destroyer.

Bedlam Society, January 2006
I swear to fucking God, the amount of amazing material that has been surfacing lately is just outright fantastic. I mean, CDs that actually take you for a second listen. And now this: Murdersquad T.O. and Hulluus–a split of (literally) Rising Crust (a scene that pretty much surfaced in the UK and Europe back in the mid to late ‘80s). This is hardcore-fuelled punk with doses of metal to really push the envelope. Ultra-crusty recordings, and a solidly delivered barrage of intensity. Anyone remember Sore Throat? Murdersquad T.O. (obviously from Toronto) deliver tunes to reflect the sense of 50-foot liberty spikes alongside a death-metal enthusiast. A genre all sides can get into. Hulluus, from Wisconsin, bring up the ante with a little more grunge. Production is a little heavier than Murdersquad’s somewhat Casualties-sounding recordings. Dude, it’s the crust. A scene that needs to be brought out into the open even more than it has been, so be sure to help out the bands that are trying there damnedest to infiltrate those who aren’t sure what a real core is all about. Crust-kings of the now.
Review by: cannibal cam

Urotsukidoji’s Pad, January, 2006
I love the CD title... cute. Ah good ol' "Crust", the ever cantankerous Punk cousin of Metal's Grindcore movement. Truth be told, it's often very hard to find where the line is drawn between the two near-identical genres. More often then not, the line doesn't even really exist, and the only thing that makes one band Punk, and another Metal is their haircuts, and choice of t-shirt. Case in point, this new split CD from cross boarder label-mates The Murdersquad t.o. (from Toronto) and Hulluus (outta Wisconsin). First up is The Murdersquad t.o. with their contribution of five tracks of ear-splitting, Punked-out, grinding Crust. The band was formally known as just Murder Squad, but changed the name when the Death-Metal super-group of the same name (formed by members Entombed and Dismember) hit the scene (and have since released two excellent full-lengths BTW). Now, granted, this Toronto band is a lot more Punk than they are Metal, but the music is still a swirling combo of ideas pulled from both camps. Just take a song like "Relationship Of Bacteria", the vocal delivery (although identical in nature to many Death-Metal acts) is spat out in a very Punk, almost Hardcore style, and most of the song has a typical Punk feel. But then there is a mid-paced breakdown halfway into the song that's just so fuckin' Metal it had me head-bangin' and giving the full devil-horned salute while driving down the highway! Anyway, as far as this disc goes, The Murdersquad t.o. comes off as the faster, and I guess more Punk of the two bands. The next four tracks, courtesy of Hulluus, are still heavy as all hell, but have a slightly (just slightly mind you) slower tempo, and a delivery style that puts them in line with almost every Death-Metal and Grindcore demo I acquired in the late 80s. For that reason, I personally gravitate a bit more to their sound, but the two bands manage to compliment each other nicely. They're different enough to offer up a small variety of flavour, but similar enough that they seem right at home nestled together on the same disc. I can't imagine someone liking one band, and not the other. So if you dig one of these acts, and don't know the other, rest assured that the other half of this split should be right up your alley as well. For more info, check out Wounded Paw Records.
RATING = 7.5 Crust Punk (Released 2005)

Nerve MAgazine, April 2006
Great title and fine musicianship, but crust just doesn’t make it for me. I can’t get past the growly vocals and metallic breakdowns. So, it isn’t that this isn’t good, just that I like other genres of punk more. I’m going to see if I can find someone else to review this, someone punker than me. Any takers? Email me at:
- Chris Walter

Buy the MURDERSQUAD t.o. 'To Ashes You'll Return' CD online

Buy it online

The MURDERSQUAD t.o. - To Ashes You'll Return CD

10 song CD E.P. released in May 2003, recorded by Wounded Paw at Sound Foundation. Features some new ones from Murdersquad, that timeless holiday favourite from Abalienation "How Can There Be Christmas When There's Still No Peace?", covers from Despite and Doom plus 4 live tracks.

To Ashes You'll Return

1. To Ashes You'll Return
2. Deal With Fate
3. How Can There Be Christmas ... (Abalienation)
4. Disease (Despite)
5. A Means To An End (Doom)
6. Newly Dead
7. Blackened By The Vision Of God (live)
8. Aimless (live)
9. Frantic Fits Of Depression (live, Abalienation)
10. Post No Bills (live, Abalienation)

Review from MaximumRocknRoll #244 (Sept. 2003)

WP007 - Buy it online


Released May 11, Murdersquad side recorded at Sound Foundation by Wounded Paw
Split with legendary U.K. harsh noise terrorists SORE THROAT


Murdersquad side
1. Wantonness
2. Broken
3. Rake Of A Bullet
4. Blind
Sore Throat side
Pissing On Your Karma...
shitting On Your Luck

Review from Equalizing Distort zine

WP004 - Buy it online


Split 7" between Murdersquad and Binghamton, New York's Bloodsucking Freaks.

Blackened By The Vision Of God

Murdersquad side
1. Blackened By The Vision Of God
2. Spiritually Devastated
3. Aimless
4. Bad World
Bloodsucking Freaks side
1. Electrohell
2. Forsaken
3. Baby's Dead Stare

Review from Slug And Lettuce

“top-notch crustcore that steals from metal riffage and hardcore pace” -Equalizing Distort

“ changes, whirlwind, pounding guitar rhythms...brutal drums” -Maximum Rock n Roll

“Heavier than concrete boots and twice as noisy” -Troy Sinster (October 32nd Records)

“the Loudest band I’ve ever worked for” -Rob Sanzo (Signal to Noise Studio)

Originally Formed in 2000 by Mike Abalienation (Abalienation) and taking their name from D.O.A.’s Hockey team, the Murdersquad t.o. soon evolved into a Full on Thrash Attack of the senses! Enlisted into the ranks are Wounded Paw (ex Spazmz, Ulcer) on Bass, Bets (86ers) on Drums and rounding out the Sonic Fury, Slack (86ers) on Guitar. Poised on Musical Destruction they currently have 3 releases on Wounded Paw Records out of Toronto.

To keep the Chaos Runnig they have toured in the United States and Canada and played with such luminary acts as Despite (U.S.), Strong Intention (U.S.), Others(U.S.), Cripple Bastards (Italy), Hands of Death, Squalor, Hellbound, Inepsy, ...And the Saga Continues (all from MTL), Fuck the Facts(On), Arsenals (On), UK Subs(UK), The Casualties (U.S.) and many many more. They were also the "Hired Guns" for Crust Legend DOOM’s only North American tour!