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POLIDICKS - 'Mutenation' CD

2nd full length CD from Polidicks on Wounded Paw Records, released July 29th, 2005. 16 blazing tracks from the new lineup with Justin now on vocals only, Landon on drums, Alex on bass and Kyle on guitar. Recorded at Signal to Noise by Rob Sanzo and mixed and mastered by Wounded Paw.

Forced Submission

1. Fuck It
2. Money Grubbing Motherfucker
3. Devoid of Choice
4. Out of Touch
5. Kill Dr. Phil
6. Bigotry, Violence, Brutality
7. Forced Submission
8. Question It
9. Ridicule
10. Abused, Controlled, Enslaved
11. Methods of Murder
12. Let’s Go To The Bar
13. Minimum Rage
14. Anyway
15. Living the Lie


Live 4 Metal
Polidicks – Mutenation (Wounded Paw Records) review by Scott Alisoglu
On Mutenation, Bloomfield, Ontario’s (that’s Canada to the geographically challenged among you) Polidicks crank out 15 songs in 25 minutes, wasting little time in getting their agitated points across in the most vitriolic and insanely fast of ways. Musically, this is grind-punk with a serrated metallic edge…and it’s entertaining as hell! Vocalist Justin Wisteard employs a scratchy high-register scream that is often accompanied by a mid-range grindcore growl (I assume that’s him as well, although it could be one of the other members). Often delivering his throat rage in choppy speed romps, Wisteard rails against a range of classic punk rock political/societal problems. “Money Grubbing Motherfucker” is about rip-off promoters who’d screw a band in a heartbeat if it meant an extra dollar in the pocket, while “Minimum Rage” deals with the workingman’s plight in a society controlled by an aristocracy disguised as a government. Gosh, and here I thought Canada was a utopian society. Sorry, just being a smart ass…I love our northern neighbors. “Kill Dr. Phil” is the best though, one that is self-explanatory lyrically. It’s a short blast of punk goodness with a shout chorus and a few samples from the “expert” himself. Musically, the playing is tight and incredibly manic. The riffs are wonderfully caustic as well. The key to it all is the ass kickin’ bass playing of Alex Hirst. Not only is the bass sound on par sonically with the riffing, but Hirst is all over the place, making the arrangements far more interesting than average punk or grindcore fare. Mutenation is an aggressive good time. Besides, couldn’t you use a little punk militancy in your life?

Polidicks - Mutenation - Wounded Paw Records - 3/5
Tongue in cheek bands like this are often brushed to the side, but I've always had an oh-so-special spot for this type of thing. Polidicks are like a cross between Anal Cunt, S.O.D. and Total Chaos. The song titles are pretty standard pissed off punk fare "Fuck It," "Bigotry, Violence, Brutality" and "Abused, Controlled Enslaved." Musically they have a good balance of different parts, lots of screaming demonic bits, but for the most part it's thrashy hardcore punk. The bass parts are all over the place which is cool but the tone sounds off. Like it's Steve Harris jumping into a Blood Spit Nights session. Or GG Allin not throwing poop and scumming about killing Dr. Phil in the most gruesome of ways instead. The samples are pretty funny. I wouldn't imagine there not being any. Anyone into The Meatmen or 45 Cents will dig this for sure.
- Ryan Bartek

"Hailing from the nicer-than-nice vacation land of Bloomfield Ontario Canada (kinda out near Kingston) comes one of the most pissed off, snarling bunch of Punk rockers I've heard in a long, long time! No doubt, the band's ferocity (or at least part) is a direct reaction to the outward image of their quaint little picturesque, squeaky-clean, bead & breakfast infested community. Because, as we all know, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and holy crap, this is some reaction! What we have here, on the band's second full-length (third if ya count their self-released demo) are fifteen ear-splitting tracks that whiz by in a heart attack-inducing 25 minutes and 39 seconds! Whenever you find yourself starting to buy into the MTV brainwashing of what should be considered "Punk" these days, you need to have a CD like this on hand to wake you the hell up! This is the nasty side of Punk, the side most eyeliner-wearing, band-of-the-week followers couldn't even dream of handling. The vocals are insanely harsh, and to my more Metal-attuned ear, come off as sounding straight outta the Goregrind & Grindcore style of vocal delivery. The songs... well, they're freakin' fast, and when they're not freakin' fast, that's because they're blindingly fast! However, despite all the sonic mayhem going on, the tracks are actually pretty catchy as well. ...catchier than they should be in fact. Basically, if you dig bands such as Napalm Death, Nausea, Prostitute Disfigurement, Extreme Noise Terror, Sewn Shut, Deviated Instinct, Third Degree, etc. then this disc should give you immediate wood. In true old-school Punk fashion, the band currently has no official web site, but you can find their record label at
RATING = 7.5 Crust / Punk (Released 2005)"

Bedlam Society
"This is what I’m talking about. Crust punk, freakin’ Crust Punk. Extreme Noise Terror. That’s all I really have to say. Nastier-than-shit animosity towards all that is stale and so-called punk these days. Charging beats, weak guitars and vocals that throw them into a UK sounding band from the mid 80’s. Put them on a compilation with Napalm Death, Discharge, Disrupt, Macabre and so on. You’ll eat this shit up right away. Ahhhhh, the old days–just where I want to be.
Thanx dudes, and being locals from Bloomfield Ontario, I’m glad you can rip my brain apart in 25 minutes with 15 tunes. Quick and to the point. It’s what its all about."
Review by: cannibal cam

Nerve Magazine, April 2006
Mutenation is extreme and speedy punk/ metal with anger management issues. The vocals are a combination of yips, yaps, and cookie monster growls, but before you go lumping this in with the black fingernail death cookie crowd, be aware that the Polidicks are a genre unto themselves. I can’t make out a single word, but I’m sure that Polidicks original sound and intense delivery will win them legions of rabid fans. I’m giving Mutenation the thumbs up for sheer bombastic overkill and the aforementioned originality. Wanna scare your parents? Slap this on.
- Chris Walter

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POLIDICKS - 'No Peace? No Chance!' CD

12 song CD released January 4, 2003 on Wounded Paw Records. Recorded at Sound Foundation.

Guns, Bombs, Bravery.

1. Fuck Your Flag, Fuck Your God, Fuck You
2. Anyway
3. Abused, Controlled, Enslaved
4. Mind Control
5. George w.
6. Bigotry, Violence, Brutality
7. Tranquility
8. State Of Distress
9. ...And I Though 1999 Scared The Fuck Out Of Me
10. Stand In Line
11. Guns, Bombs, Bravery
12. War And Peace

Formed just before the winter months of 2001, the Polidicks are a four piece punk/hardcore (and at one time, reggae) band based out of Bloomfield, Ontario. With two CD releases to date, including the demo cd "WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION" (recorded at TTCM Productions, Cherry Valley, Ontario) and "NO PEACE? NO CHANCE." (recorded and produced by Preston Sims at Sound Foundation Studio, Toronto, released on Wounded paw Records), the Polidicks (on their recording efforts to date) consisted of members Alex Hirst, bass & vocals; Andrew McLuhan, guitar, vocals, & djembe; Justin Wisteard, drums & lead vocals. In 2003 Andrew left the band and was replaced Kyle MacMillan. Just before the dawn of 2005 ex-A dying Race (Napanee) drummer Landon Chatterton took over as full-time drummer freeing up Justin as full-time vocalist.
The Polidicks have just released on July 29th, 2005, a new full length CD entitled "MUTENATION". Recorded at the Signal-2-Noise Studios in Toronto by Rob Sanzo and mixed and mastered by Wounded Paw.