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New release from two of Toronto's most rocking punk bands. 2 songs each, 7" 45 rpm vinyl with a great colour cover.

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SINKIN' SHIPs - 'All Signs Are Wrong' CD

Toronto’s latest (and undoubtedly most rippin’) punk rock outfit The Sinkin’ Ships released their 2nd full length CD “All Signs Are Wrong” on Wounded Paw Records September 17, 2005. Listening to The Sinkin’ Ships is like being mauled by Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, The Exploited, Tiger Army, and Tsunami Bomb all at once. As horrific as that may sound, it works out to extraordinary results.
“Naomi Allan croons confidently and liltingly, even as the hardcore cacophony underneath her builds to a thunder.”- Punk Planet
Recorded by Rob Sanzo at Signal To Noise Studios, July '05.
Released September 17, 2005


1. Broken Hearts Are Blue
2. Tits On Toast
3. Shit's Tight
4. Bad Bad Bad
5. See Sharp
6. Breakdown
7. On & On
8. Garbage Island
9. The Ballad Of Down
10. Where Are You Now



Wow! These guys have this powerful sound with a strong female lead vocalist. Well-honed tunes and ultra clean, crisp production should help these SINKIN' SHIPS get some serious attention from the industry fat cats. A quality release. (HM)

Eye Weekly, November 24, 2005

Exclaim Magazine, December 2005

Sinkin Ships - All Signs Are Wrong in Bedlam Society
There is something about this band that I just can’t put a finger on. It’s a sound that keeps bringing me back to early 90’s skate vids. Some bands that were featured then seem to emanate through this Torontonian outfit. Is it Husker Du? No.
Oh, shit yeah, production-wise. I got it. Did anyone ever get into Pegboy? The guitars and sound of them really brought out a sound that crushed melodies and hit hard. Not saying that this band sounds LIKE them, just production-wise. What do they really sound like? Well, how about some Social Distortion. That would be the nail-on-the-head here. An excellent female vocalist in the raw also makes for a more intense listen. A little Coffin Break flavour, perhaps, in the vocals? Maybe a tad. I hear some Sick Boys rockabilly punk score.
A ripping good time for those days of skatin’ and thrashing. As if I were watching the early New Deal skate vids, that’s it. I got it, and so should you.
Review by: cannibal cam

Article in Bedlam Society
"Toronto’s Sinkin’ Ships (Jeff, Mike, Mark, Naomi and Cactus) began as an acoustic outfit in 2002, playing Clash and Johnny Cash covers, but have since evolved into a balls-out rock-and-roll-explosion-in-your-pants outfit. Over the last 3 years they’ve released 2 full length CDs and an EP. I believe they say it best what they say, “we’re here to fuck shit up!”
Following the release of their latest effort All Signs are Wrong, I was able to catch up with Cactus (guitar player for Sinkin’ Ships) for a brief interview:
Having been to a few Sinkin’ Ships shows in Toronto myself, and having my drunken ass rocked off in the process, I asked Cactus what he thought people might get out of a Sinkin’ Ships show. “ A solid hour of non-stop rock. Lots of Jager shots, and a few shirts off here and there. Our Toronto fans are great and really get into our live show.” OK, so it’s not just me then–I mean, other people ARE at least AS wasted as I am. Phew…
Sticking mainly to Ontario’s ‘golden horseshoe’ with the last record and the odd east coast jaunt, Sinkin’ ships have plans to dominate the rest of Canada and consequently all of North America. “I think it’s safe to say we’ll play western Canada by summer 2006. Our new CD becomes available in the U.S. this March, so we’re doing a month in the States in spring.” Says Cactus.
All signs are Wrong (Wounded Paw Records/Spine Razor Records) was produced by Rob Sanzo (who also produced such Canadian rock gods as Danko Jones, Sum 41, and Treble Charger), which was a great experience for the band. “Working with Rob Sanzo was wicked awesome, we had a blast. We spent a few weeks at Signal To Noise, and during that time I think we became a better band. Rob has a great way of helping you out with things that otherwise may have taken you years to get around. It was by far my favorite recording experience to date”.
All signs are Wrong is the best rock and roll record to come out of the Big Smoke so far this year. Go check it out…

"The Sinkin' Ships call Toronto Canada home, and as I do as well, I guess that makes us almost neighbours. Anyway, It's always satisfying to hear a quality band emerge from the local scene, so as I put "All Signs Are Wrong" into the CD player, I had my fingers crossed, hoping it would kick-ass, and that I wouldn't have to badmouth my fellow Torontonians. Well, as it turned out, my worries were for not, as this does indeed kick large amounts of posterior. Most people (including their press release) refer to the band as being "hardcore", but seeing as how that is now the most over-used adjective in the world of hard music, it's almost utterly meaningless. To tell you the truth, their sound seems to pull from all over the place, influences range in time from the 70s to now. You can hear traces of Social Distortion, very early Hellacopters and Gluecifer, Tiger Army, L7 (when they were good), Tsunami Bomb, and even the legendary Sex Pistols! Speaking of L7, at times vocalist Naomi Allan, (yup, a chick on the mic, got a problem with that?) sounds very similar to Donita Sparks. I say at times because Naomi uses many different vocal styles throughout the disc, how she sounds one second, will be totally different compared to how she sounds the next. The various vocal textures really add to the overall variety found on the disc, and helps to make their second full-length an underground gem. Great raucous raunchy fun! Highly recommended. For More info, check out
RATING = 8 Punk (Released 2005)"

From the HUMBER paper
Sinkin ’ Ships
Title: All Signs are Wrong
Label: Wounded Paw
Rating: 8.5/10
I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of punk rubs me the wrong way; it usually takes some trashy rock and roll to make m e a happy girl. Not that it means I’m against all punk music and I do enjoy it if I’m in the mood for it.
All Signs are Wrong , the newest release from Toronto ’s Sinkin ’ Ships definitely rubs me the right way. Then again, they can’t really be defined as punk. In fact, they can’t really be defined; they edge on too many styles to place them in one (or even two) categories. Oftentimes a band that combines varied influences sounds like they just couldn’t decide on a style, but the Ships do it seamlessly. With an eclectic mix of punk, rock and even a touch of old school country at times, these guys (and gal) have taken the best of all worlds for this recording. Singer Naomi’s vocals sound as though they’re being ripped from her very soul and her voice is hauntingly familiar although I can’t place who exactly it is that I think she sounds like.
Musically, it’s a great album and one you can’t help feeling the urge to sing (or yell) along to. There’s energy to spare, which leads me to believe their live show must b e a killer time. I’m almost scared to see them live. In a good way though. - Shanen Crandon

Sinkin’ Ships Lose Their Guitars When Rigging Unravels
Article in CHARTATTACK October 5, 2005

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The SINKIN' SHIPS - 'Mayday' CD

Released July 2004 by Sink and Destroy Records and available through Wounded Paw Records.

The SINKIN' SHIPS - Mayday


The punk rock community is about to have its vessel raided when Wounded Paw Records unleashes All Signs Are Wrong, the sophomore album from Toronto’s Sinkin’ Ships. An eclectic combination of shredding rock guitar riffage, lightning fast speed and powerful female vocals, for what it’s worth All Signs Are Wrong is a rock album made by punks for the punks.

"You can't control the sound with this band," says Sinkin’ Ships guitarist, Cactus with more than a degree of truth. "I'm writing songs thinking they're pretty tough hardcore songs. Then the others get their hands on it and throw in their elements and it changes everything."

With the amount of reckless abandon, heartfelt sincerity and devoted passion that Sinkin’ Ships have, it's no wonder they're turning the tide of this nation's punk over to a more roots-based element. With a diverse wide range of influences, listening to Sinkin' Ships is like being mauled by Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, The Exploited, Tiger Army, and Tsunami Bomb all at once. Unlike most bands, the Sinkin’ Ships refuse to be categorized by musical constraints that limit most punk rock.

“Well, I don’t know if we’re drastically altering the face of modern music, but we’re surely working to put our own spin on it,” says a humble Cactus. “We were bored to death so we started writing songs. When you’re hanging out in a friend’s apartment with an acoustic guitar, there’s not much else to do.”

The Ships first set sail in 2002 when they released, Mayday, a raucous collection of head on punk rock songs that fueled the band’s legendary live show. From there Sinkin’ Ships - Jeff Robertson on Drums, bassist Mike Hawco, rhythm guitar player Mark Harpur, guitarist Jamey “Cactus” Vella (2 Pump Louie) and vocalist Naomi Allan(2 Pump Louie) – have shared the stage with Nomeansno, Maximum RNR, The Sinisters, and Damn 13. The Ships have also showcased at NXNE, played Anti Warped Tour, Boozapalooza, and recently returned from a tour of the Canadian East Coast capped off with an over the top performance in Halifax. Ever since their inception this indelibly intense quintet is quickly rising to the top of the Canuck punk heap.

The Ships latest masterpiece, All Signs Are Wrong, was recorded and mixed by Rob Sanzo (Danko Jones, Sum 41, Treble Charger) at Signal to Noise Studios over the Summer of 2005. Upon release the band will begin touring across Canada and the US spreading their brand of hardcore punk rock to anyone fortunate enough to listen.