The Uncivilized are alive and well in Montreal last I heard with different members so everything below is quite out of date.

Everything started in the fall of 1999 in Quebec City, with members from a band called Defaillance. They played together for 6 months, but ended up going separate ways. Dave and Ben moved to Toronto in the fall of 2001 and met Shannon at a punk show at a local Queen and Bathurst bar. They were looking for a drummer and bass player, and the Murder Squad drummer decided to take up a side project with the two former members of Defaillance. Band practice went on for several weeks before Wounded Paw joined as the bass player. Three band practices later, the Uncivilized had their first show as a full band at a Birthday Bash. It went .... well lets just say that the next couple shows went better.


The UNCIVILIZED - 'Urban Karnage' CD
The UNCIVILIZED - 'Urban Karnage' CD

THE UNCIVILIZED - Urban Karnage from 'Urban Karnage' CD
THE UNCIVILIZED - Regle De L'ignorance from 'Urban Karnage' CD


UNCIVILIZED and friends

Photos from the Q-BAR, May 31, '02