Black Wolf Guitar Distortion

High gain chainsaw ripping guitar distortion inspired by the HM-2.
The distortion section with two clipping stages has a wide range of gain set by the DRIVE control.
The LO eq has boost or cut with a centre frequency variable from 100Hz to 700Hz using the LO RANGE knob.
The HI eq has boost or cut with a centre frequency variable from 800Hz to 3KHz using the HI RANGE knob.
The TREBLE knob can roll off some of the excessive fizz on the high end.

Heavy Duty 3.7" x 4.7" 'BB' size Hammond aluminum enclosure
True Bypass
Bright Blue LED
Uses standard 9v adaptor like Boss PSA, Godlyke Powerall, Onespot, with center negative jack or a single 9V battery.

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Review at Pedal Of The Day

From The Pedal Of The Day review:
"Volume starts things off controlling the output level, and there’s no shortage on the Black Wolf, as you’d expect from any decent distortion pedal. Inspired by the classic Boss HM-2, the distortion section features two clipping stages, for an open and bold range of dirt to work with, starting off fairly gritty and just getting more and more so as you turn it up. The Treble knob helps to smooth things out and roll off a bit of the high end, getting rid of any excessive and unnecessary fizz prone to plague distortion pedals.
In addition to the Treble control, there’s another, more precise EQ section, perfect for really getting that sweet spot sound out of your drive. There are Lo and Hi knobs, which either boost or cut their respective frequencies, but there’s more. Each of these pairs with another control that sets the center frequency range for each, with Lo Range going from 100Hz to 700Hz, and Hi producing 800Hz to 3KHz. This additional control lets you pinpoint exactly where you want the Lo and Hi ends to sit in the mix, also letting you use a variety of pickup and amp setups with no fuss or muss.
As you’ll hear in the demo below, this thing just screams distortion. But, with so many options and ways to dissect and perfect the sounds coming out of it, it’s sure it impress right off the bat, and remain a staple of many pedalboards for years to come. Thanks to Preston and everyone at Wounded Paw Audio for another killer creation – be sure to stop by their site and check out all the gear they’ve got waiting for you!"

Youtube video demo by Pedal Of The Day

Youtube video demo by the Bunn

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